Auto Body Paint

We Focus On The Details

There are so many different aspects to the right paint job, and we work to get everything just perfect. Starting with the right kind of paint, then matching it to get the exact color of your car today, and finishing with skilled application by trained paint technicians ensures that you get a flawless match with quality that you can see. If you have worked with a car paint shop in the past that didn’t pay attention to detail, you probably know how much difference those little minor details can actually make in the look of the finished product. We focus on every detail from start to finish so you get a paint job you can be proud of.

We Use Trusted Brands and The Latest Technology

All auto paint shop brands are not created equal, and using higher quality paint can make a difference in the way the finished product looks. We work with only quality paint brands so you get exactly what you want in the color you prefer.

The VINdicator™ is a unique color-matching tool that enables us to provide superior color matches faster and more accurately than ever before. By entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) into this computerized formula retrieval system, we are provided with an accurate color matching formula for that vehicle.

The Dupont ChromaVision™ is a performance coating's colorimeter that works together with the VINdicator™. When this equipment is placed on the painted surface of the vehicle, it allows our painters to actually read the color that is on the vehicle and aids them in making any adjustments necessary to the VINdicator™ formula. With this revolutionary equipment we can create a dead-on color match for every vehicle.

The Dupont X-Pert Paint Mixing System precisely mixes the selected paint formula and gives our technicians better control of the finished paint color. Precisely accurate every time, the X-Pert™ eliminates costly over pours and other errors, which saves us time and money - savings we are able to pass on to our customers.

Once we find your perfect paint color, the next step is to mix it properly. The Dupont X-Pert Paint Mixing System compliments our other Dupont color matching technology to create the perfect mix according to the color formula your vehicle needs. We save money and time with a system that gets the color exactly right, every time.

Our Expert Paint Technicians Make The Difference

Getting the paint job right on your vehicle is about more than just knowing how to spray a paint applicator. That’s why we hire only the most skilled technicians, who can blend industry knowledge in the auto body paint shop with artistry to create the perfect look for every vehicle that we repair. All our technicians are certified by Dupont and I-CAR so you know you’re working with the best.

We have worked with customers who have a wide variety of auto paint needs, from touching up smaller scratches and dents to a complete automotive repair that requires an entirely new coat of paint on the whole vehicle. No matter what kind of auto repair you need, we have the technology and the skill to make it happen. Even for the smallest repairs, we work diligently to ensure that the color match is perfect so you don’t have unsightly repair marks that make it obvious you have had work done on the vehicle.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee

We are confident that you cannot find a higher quality car paint shop, which is why we guarantee all the work that we do. In addition, since we work with trusted manufacturers like Dupont, you also have the nationwide Dupont™ “Assurance of Quality” warranty program to back you up.

If you have a vehicle that was damaged and needs paint repairs, bring it in to Grand Sport Auto Body today to find out how easy it can be to get your car to sparkle and shine just like it did the first day it arrived on the showroom floor.

Matching Paint Colors

The paint color on your vehicle is likely to change over time, so it won’t necessarily be the exact same color today as it was when you picked it out. To make an auto paint repair job look great, you need to match to today’s paint color, not necessarily the factory default. Our auto paint shop can help you match the color precisely using computerized paint matching, then mixing it to the exact color you need for a flawless blend. We also have skilled paint technicians who can perfectly blend the paint in and around the repair for a barely-there look that even the most trained eye will hardly be able to notice.

Creating Safe Vehicles

Whenever your vehicle suffers damage in an accident, it could easily alter the effectiveness of the safety systems. When we work with repaired vehicles, one of the most important things we do is check the finished product for passenger safety; that was we know that the item we return to you is structurally sound and can protect the precious cargo you carry inside.

Giving You Quality Service

If you have tried other auto body repair shops that don’t treat you well as a customer, come to Grand Sport Auto Body to see what real customer service means. We treat each of our customers just the way we would want to be treated—keeping them informed of the process, giving them options about the types of repairs that can be done, and ensuring they make it through the process understanding what is happening and making decisions that work best for individual situations.

We have 8 convenient locations throughout the Philadelphia area, so our service is convenient and close to home. Come see us at Grand Sport Auto Body to discover our quality repair service and exceptional dedication to customer care.