Frame Straigthening

Frame Straigthening

Getting into a car accident can be devastating, and there are many things that you need to do right after you experience an auto accident. After you have received proper medical care for any potential injuries, the next step is to determine the damage to your vehicle. If it was a serious accident, your vehicle may have suffered some structural damage, which requires car frame repair.

The Importance of Quality Frame Repair

When you do need frame straightening, getting it done right is critical to ensure that your vehicle is safe to operate. This can be a very difficult and dangerous process, so it’s not something that you could do on your own. Instead, you need to bring it in to the skilled auto body repair technicians at Grand Sport Auto Body & Glass Repair, who have the proper training and the right tools to ensure that your vehicle frame is returned to being just like new. Frame straightening repair cost can be high, but making sure you do it right is important for your safety and the resale value of the vehicle.

What Happens During Car Frame Repair

Frame straightening is a process designed to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. A bent or crooked frame can cause all kinds of problems, including inability to properly open doors, and the creation of potentially dangerous driving conditions if you are unable to control the vehicle.

The car frame repair team will use computerized tool that help create a perfect alignment and balance in the frame of your vehicle, just like when it was manufactured at the production facility. In order to determine the volume of damage and what might be required to get the right repairs done, ultrasound technology is combined with laser technology that assesses and feeds information to the technicians.

Vehicle Types and Straightening Methods

Most vehicles today are manufactured using a “unibody” frame construction, meaning the entire vehicle body is one continuous capsule that includes crush zones for safety and is made up of strong steel that can absorb some of the force during an accident. If the unibody frame is damaged, it needs to be returned to factory specifications to ensure that it is safe and functions properly. Each individual vehicle manufacturer provides information about the required measurements and balance in the frame for the vehicle to properly perform.

There are situations when more traditional methods like lasers and ultrasound are not adequate to make all the necessary repairs to a car frame. In these situations, auto body technicians may be able to remove the most damaged portions and then weld in new pieces that are straight. Unfortunately this process can affect the strength and integrity of the entire frame, so it is often used only as a last resort. It requires a welding expert that has experience and expertise in this area to create adequate support for your vehicle and should not be done by someone without proper experience. Even with expert professional welding repair, the vehicle is subject to significant shock and other forces that can lead to driving problems later.

The Right Equipment Makes the Difference

Since the car frame straightening cost can be high, it’s important that you get the job done right. At Grand Sport Auto Body we have only the latest technology and equipment to ensure that you get the best possible repairs made the first time. We use sophisticated digital technology to help us assess the problem and create a plan for repair, then advanced lifts and mounts to complete the repairs without affecting any other parts of the vehicle beside the frame.

Customers Matter

We know that car repair is probably not high on your list of things that you want to have to do, which is why we work hard to make sure that the process is done as quickly and easily as possible, with minimal interruption to your daily routines and activities. We treat every person who comes through our doors with respect, committing to give you high quality repair at a fair price.

It is possible to return your vehicle to its original condition if you work with the knowledgeable technicians at Grand Sport Auto Body. Bring in your vehicle today to get an assessment of the frame straightening cost and required repairs to get your vehicle back to working and driving like new.