Scratch removal

Scratch & Dent Repair

Whether you have an expensive high-end automobile, or just a reliable car you have keep in great condition for years while you drive it, there are few things that can ruin it more quickly than scratches and dents. Even if you find yourself parking at the end of the lot to avoid door dings, or you worry constantly about shopping carts and keys, chances are you will eventually get some kind of scratch or dent on that car.

Fortunately when that does happen, you can bring your vehicle to Grand Sport Auto Body & Glass Centers for a quick and easy dent repair or scratch repair. We have the tools and skills to get your car looking like new again, erasing the damage from little scuffs and scrapes that are inevitable in day-to-day driving.

Basic Repairs

When your car suffers small amounts of damage, you want to get it fixed, but you probably don’t want to spend a fortune to have it done. At Grand Sport Auto Body, we use conventional dent and scratch repair techniques that erase the damage without leaving obvious signs of the repair.

For smaller scratches or dents that do not require major auto body repair, our technicians are experts at making the vehicle look like new again. Some repair shops use poorly blended paints, or have dent removal techniques that leave a permanent mark on the car, and the repair is just as obvious (or more obvious) than the original scratch or dent. Instead, when we perform car scratch repair, we use top-of-the-line paints and technology that give you the perfect blend so the scratch disappears.

Our goal is to restore your vehicle to its pre-scratch or pre-dent condition in as short a time as possible, so it looks just like new again.

Advanced Repairs

If you get a scratch or a dent that damages more than just the top layer of paint, or is longer, wider, or deeper than just a surface scratch or dent, then you will need more advanced repairs to make the vehicle look new again. We have experience working with major auto body repairs as well as minor repairs, so our technicians are equipped to help you get that car back on the road and looking great no matter what kind of repair you need. We use advanced paint matching technology so that you will get a perfect match to the color of your vehicle today (since it can change color over time), blending the dent repair or scratch repair seamlessly with the rest of the car.

Paintless Dent Repairs

Getting a dent is never fun, but if you are lucky enough to have a dent that didn’t crack the paint or puncture the surface of the vehicle, dent repair can be quick and easy, and very affordable. We have the technology and tools for “paintless” dent repairs, gently bringing the car panels back to their original shape without affecting the paint. This requires a technician with skill and experience, and is not something that all auto body repair shops are able to do. Fortunately these repairs are short and simple for you, getting your vehicle back on the road and looking flawless again in no time. In addition, since no painting is required, and you will not need to replace the panel that was damaged, this option for removing dents is very affordable.

Technicians You Can Trust

Many people worry about taking their vehicle in to an auto body repair shop, afraid that the shop will recommend work that doesn’t need to be done simply because it is more expensive. At Grand Sport Auto Body & Glass Centers, we have technicians you can trust. We will give you an honest assessment of the dent and scratch damage to your vehicle, and let you know exactly what it will take to repair it.

In addition, all our technicians are I-CAR and ASE certified, and we are confident that we can provide the highest quality dent and car scratch repairs—so confident that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on every repair that comes to our shop. If you want to work with insurance to get the dent repair or scratch repair done, we’ll work directly with them so your claims process is quick and painless.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best vehicle repairs at an affordable price, with unparalleled customer service. Come to Grand Sport Auto Body today to find out how we can help with your repair.