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Hottest Trends In Car Paint Colors Of 2013

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Hottest Trends In Car Paint Colors Of 2013

Color is often a primary deciding factor in choosing a car. American consumers like their vehicles to make a statement. Trends in automobile colors often follow those of the fashion industry and have also been influenced by popular colors in electronics. It seems that 2013 car paint colors are no exception to this. Bold, bright yellows and oranges, metallics and soft pastels are emerging as popular color choices this year in both fashion and automobiles.  As an auto body shop, we like to keep up on all the popular trends in the automobile industry.  Color matching is such an important part of our business, it’s imperative to keep on with the popular trends.

The Classics

Classic black, white and silver are the most popular colors in cars almost every year. For many years, black was the favorite, but over the last couple of decades it’s slipped a little in favor of white and silver. From 2001 to 2006 silver held the number one spot as the most popular color of car. This followed a trend of popularity in silver or chrome electronics and phones.  As the iPhone became increasingly popular, automobiles seemed to follow suit with white becoming the most popular color in automobiles. Black and white have proven to be especially popular colors among luxury car owners as they are viewed as demarcations of status and quality.

Bright Yellows, Oranges and Greens

The re-emergence of muscle cars has encouraged a trend in brighter, flashier colors such as orange, yellow and green. Consumers want a bold color to match the styling and speed of their car. This trend has also been prominent in off-road and rugged vehicles purchased as much for recreational purposes as they are for getting their owner from place to place. Color overall is experiencing increased popularity this year.  Due to the prevalence of neutral colored cars on the road, consumers like the fact that a brightly colored car stands out. Currently, 76% of cars are black, white, grey or silver, but as brighter colors become more sought after that could quickly change.


2013 car paint colors have included a nod to the 1960s as well with a rising trend in pastels. Soft yellows, subdued blues and even peaches have been increasingly popular colors on car lots and at car shows. These colors provide a look that’s quietly retro while still demanding attention. This trend has followed the world of fashion as pastels and softer, floral looks take center stage on the runways this spring. If you were a fan of powder blue in the ‘60s, you’ll be excited to see a modern take on this option returning in 2013.


Metallic flakes and micas have become an increasingly popular way to add sparkle and give old colors new looks. Beige and tan colored cars remain popular amongst consumers who are somewhat older and want to avoid bright, flashy colors. Metallic flakes are a way to add a hint of zest to these more neutral colors. Likewise, a more pearlescent shade of white looks like it will be a winner amongst 2013 car paint colors. Basic black is getting a makeover from metallic flakes that add a sense of mystery to the color, allowing it to shimmer between a dark blue and a deep midnight black.

Racing Red

As it has for many years, red remains a classic color for sports cars in 2013. Its hold on the racing world dates back to pre-World War II days when Italian auto-racers made red their hallmark color. Today it continues to maintain its place as one of the top colors in cars recognized for speed and power.

Whether you’re looking for a color that will make you stand out on the road, or you want to maintain more anonymity in a car painted for quiet dignity, 2013 car paint colors are designed to give your car personality and flair. The choices for paint colors are seemingly endless, allowing each driver to express their individuality.


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