The Dangers Of A Cracked Windshield

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The windshield of your car protects you from being exposed to rain, heat, snow, and wind. The windshield also acts as a shield against debris and bugs and can even support the framework of your car. Damage to the windshield can present a danger to you and your passengers.

Even though driving with a damaged windshield is an offense in many states, most drivers regard a cracked windshield as a minor annoyance, and many feel a sense of uncertainty towards the repair.

While a damaged windshield might seem more of a cosmetic concern does not warrant immediate attention, safety experts and police officers agree that there are larger, more severe implications of a faulty windshield than drivers typically are aware of.


The most common cause of a cracked windshield is a flying piece of gravel or stone kicked up by a passing car. The driver normally does not see the debris coming, or realize what has happened, until the crack appears. If left unrepaired, the small nick can turn into a much larger crack in the cold weather.


The car’s windshield is considered a safety feature of a car. In the case of an accident, the windshield can prevent the driver and passengers from being ejected from the automobile. In many cars it also supports the front passenger side airbag system. In the case if your car rolls over, your windshield helps maintain the structural integrity of your car and prevents the roof from collapsing. In addition, if the occupant of a car is thrown forward, during a crash, the windshield will cushion the blow.


The most obvious danger of a cracked windshield is the potential reduction in driver visibility. Any damage larger than the size of a U.S. quarter may have damaged the structural integrity of the windshield.


It is possible to repair small chips and cracks. If there is more significant damage it will require windshield replacement, especially if the damage is in the driver’s sight line. Windshield repair, instead of replacement, maintains the integrity of the glass factory seal.

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