Automotive Paint

Color Matching

The true beauty of your car lies in the sparkle and shine of a flawless automotive paint job. To precisely match the existing color of your vehicle we employ only the most advanced painting processes in the industry today. Each one of our Montgomery County, West Chester and Chester County, PA locations uses the following specialized systems that have been developed by Dupont, who is the forerunner in innovative, high quality automotive paint materials.

Dupont VINdicator™

The VINdicator™ is a unique color-matching tool that enables us to provide superior color matches faster and more accurately than ever before. By entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) into this computerized formula retrieval system, we are provided with an accurate color matching formula for that vehicle.


The Dupont ChromaVision™ is a performance coating's colorimeter that works together with the VINdicator™. When this equipment is placed on the painted surface of the vehicle, it allows our painters to actually read the color that is on the vehicle and aids them in making any adjustments necessary to the VINdicator™ formula. With this revolutionary equipment we can create a dead-on color match for every vehicle.

The result of this perfect matching capability, together with the ability of our painters, is a seamless appearance to the completed automotive paint repair.

Dupont X-Pert Paint Mixing System

Complimenting the VINdicator™ and the ChromaVision™ is the Dupont X-Pert Paint Mixing System, which is the industry's first computerized equipment of its kind, in the world. This equipment precisely mixes the selected and adjusted formula, and because it is accurate every time, eliminates costly over pours and saves time and money.

Painting Technicians

Our paint technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable experts in the use and application of Dupont™ paint and coatings, which are the finest in the world. Our painters are trained and certified by Dupont and are also I-CAR certified.

Dupont™ Performance Coatings

Although we fully guarantee the paint and finish on all of the vehicles we repair, they are also guaranteed by the Dupont™ "Assurance of Quality" nationwide warranty program.

We only implement the latest and highly proven methods of color matching to ensure your car drives off the lot looking as good as new. If you are in need of high quality, perfectly matched automotive paint services in the West Chester, Montgomery County or Chester County, PA areas, please contact our premier paint specialists today.